About The Black Cat

Hello. I am Lewis, the black cat and the face of The Black Cat Jewellery Store. My main hobbies are sleeping, eating and jumping on my slave, Anna, in the middle of the night. Oh, and of course, bringing her tasty mice!!

I've Got To Wear That?? You're Kidding Right?

I have been spurred into creating a new post by my slave's OUTRAGEOUS actions. She bought me; wait for it...... a bow tie!!! The only redeeming feature is that she got me a dark purple, satin one which is quite nice and could have been a lot worse. I saw spotty ones on the website; SPOTTY; NO WAY!! I would look like a clown. 

I am looking a bit indignant in this photo and rightly so. This monstrosity was put on me when I was safely (supposidly) eating my dinner. I nearly choked. And then I got scooped up to have my photo taken. Really, it should be possible for a cat to eat a meal without such things occurring!!

Since then I have been fussed and cooed over and told repeatedly how handsome I look. (I heard some people, mainly Facebook friends, mention the word 'cute'. Be warned. This will NOT be tolerated. Claws will come out - you know who you are.)

You'll all be glad to know that I have now recovered from the shock and I got to finish my dinner.

I'll keep you posted as to whether it grows on me (unlikely!!)

Purr xxx 

Young Whippersnappers!!

As you may know if you follow me on Facebook, I have recently been forced to move house. This has not been a good thing. I used to have a huge, one acre garden with only Betty to bother me (which she didn't much). I used to take my evening constitutional down the garden and it was all very peaceful and still.


I was ripped from this tranquil life and taken (in that dreaded cage again) to what I can only describe as a postage stamp.

This may not have that been bad except for the fact that the postage stamp is filled with other cats. Not only in the garden, but one of them LIVES IN THE HOUSE. This again, I might have tolerated if the other cat had been a sensible, mature (preferably lady) cat but it's not. It's YOUNG. Even younger than Betty was. I can't move these days without being ambushed from one direction or another.

The humans call this cat George. He's an undignified, frivolous ginger and white. And my Fluffiness, is he fast - unnecessarily so. He dashes about for no apparent reason. A total waste of energy. Then he lies about (on what used to be MY sofa) in the most unappealing positions. I have put an example of his abandoness below.

The Day That I WANTED To Go To The Vet!!!

The other day I was unceremoniously bundled into a cage and taken to the vet. 

Now I know that this happens occasionally and it's not something I enjoy being prodded, poked and jabbed but it seems to be a fact of life when living with humans. However, this year was far worse. As soon as I saw the cage I came over all woozy and started having flash backs.

This was because last year I was TRAUMATISED!! Anna put me in the cage and shut the lid but what she didn't know (I presume) was that she had shut my tail in the lid. My Furriness did it hurt?!! So I started wiggling around to get free but Anna must have thought that I was trying to get out (I have escaped before) and so she pushed down harder on the lid. This carried on for what seemed like an age ( a few seconds) and in the end it hurt so much that I squealed. Fortunately Anna realised what she had done and opened the lid and freed my tail. THROBBING!! 

This is the only time that I have wanted to go to the vet!! She checked my tail and said it was fine but I tell you it wasn't fine.....it hurt for a whole week afterwards. When we got home I had to have a serious lie down!!

Purr x 

For more furry, purry updates, you can follow me and George on Facebook and Twitter.

Update - Sadly, on Feburary 23rd, 2016, Lewis died. He was old, about 16, and had come to the end of his life. He was gently put to sleep when it became apparent that he was suffering. He is now buried with our other past cats in my parent's garden where he used to enjoy a stroll of an evening.

The post of black cat has been taken up by Norwegian Forest kitten, Harriet. She has big paws to fill but so far is growing into a fine cat.

Lewis will never be forgotten. 

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