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I have been ill with M.E. since 2004 and had to stop working in December of that year. I have been horribly ill and bedbound for a large proportion of that time. I began to make jewellery about 6 and a half years ago when I started to become a bit better. I needed something to occupy me, that I could do at home, that was within my capabilities. I still suffer greatly and my physical ability is very limited but I'm improving slowly.

I have no idea what started me thinking about making jewellery, the idea just popped into my head! Before I was ill I used to train horses and have a dog walking and pet sitting business so this is totally different! I am amazed to find my self making jewellery and enjoying it so much. It is surprising. What motivates me are the stones. I consider it my job to show them off as best I can which is why my designs are fairly simple; I let the stones speak for themselves.

Incidentally, the black cat is my cat, Lewis, who has been my constant companion throughout my illness. I could not have got through without him.

Anna xx

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A Little Bit About M.E.

A lot of people have the wrong idea about M.E, or C.F.S, as it is sometimes known. I think the problem comes with the word 'tired'. Quote - 'M.E. causes the person to be tired all the time'.
Normal and healthy people then think 'Well, we all get tired. Why can't you get off your ass and carry on as we all do?' 'Pull yourself together. Stop whinging and get on with it.'
These are things that M.E. sufferers hear all too often.

The actual nature of this 'tiredness' is completly different to the tiredness that a healthy person feels on a day to day basis. There is no word to describe the 'tiredness' that comes with M.E. The best I can do in describing it is this...

It is an overwhelming wretchedness which engulfs your entire body. It leaves you feeling utterly weak in all your limbs and it does not get better with sleep and rest. You feel trapped in a useless body. And to top it all, M.E. affects your cognitive function as well so one spends a lot of time feeling sluggishly stupid.

It is certainly not a case of 'getting off your ass and getting on with it.' Believe me, I only wish that I could! If I push myself beyond my limits (do too much), the exhaustion gets worse, not better. If I push myself even more, I get even worse. If this happens it can take days, weeks, months or even years to recover to the stage that I was at before I did too much.

 I am an extremely driven, motivated individual, certainly not lazy as is sometimes assumed by people who don't understand the nature of the illness. I work as hard as I can  with my jewellery business to ensure that I don't have to go on benefits.

 So all I ask is that you find out a little about the illness before you judge us. I hope this little piece will help people to understand bit.

 There is so much more to say about it but I won't do that here as hopefully you are on my site to buy jewellery, not have a lesson on M.E!!!!

 If you would like to know more about M.E. then feel free to email me at mail@theblackcatjewellerystore.com

Recently, I have been doing some Gothic modelling, which, as you can imagine is tricky with this illness (and when you're 43!! Haha). If you'd like to follow my progress then you can visit my blog www.ladyannacalypso.co.uk

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